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Deforestation (image: World Bank)

The Nasca and us

Ancient civilisations usually don’t get wiped out by just one thing, but the Rapa Nui of Easter Island and the Nasca of Peru both appear to have been undone by deforestation. What factors drove the destruction of the Nasca, and what is different 1500 years on?


Responsibletravel.com drops carbon offsetting

Ethical travel company responsibletravel.com has dropped carbon offsetting as an option on the holidays it sells, despite originally being one of the first travel companies to offer it as an option. Responsibletravel.com now shares the opinion of Friends of the Earth when they describe offsetting as a ‘dangerous distraction‘, and encourages customers...

Australian bushfires

Ever dependable for stunning photography, Boston.com’s Big Picture currently features images from the bushfires in Victoria, Australia, started by a combination of lightning and arson in temperatures upwards of 40 degrees Centigrade. Entire communities have been wiped off the map, families shattered and wide areas laid to waste. Descriptions of the damage...