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2014-05-19 21_37_43-Perpetual ocean - Rough Development

Perpetual ocean

Looking uncannily like Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night‘, a visualisation of ocean surface currents around the world between June 2005 and December 2007. A bit lovely. Best watched big, in HD. via B3ta.

Flooded fields near Kep

Lessons from a rainy kingdom

Each year in South East Asia, the months from June through October see monsoon rains, consisting of torrential daily rainfall. This is a predicable annual event in Cambodia, where 75% of the country lies no more than 100m above sea level, and sophisticated irrigation systems and reservoirs were built a thousand years ago. As increasing population, tourism and industrialisation hamper Cambodia’s ability to manage flooding, what can we in the UK still learn from Cambodia about flood management?


Fauna & Flora at Copenhagen

Fauna & Flora International, a conservation organisation with an emphasis on threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, are at Copenhagen to keep an eye on REDD negotiations and biodiversity / conservation issues (criminally overlooked in the scramble for agreements on carbon emissions targets) – they’re keeping a blog which you can read here.

5 less than useful things to say at Copenhagen

With the Copenhagen climate change conference now only five days away, I thought I might offer some guidance to attendees on some things that are less than useful to say. It will be essential to foster an atmosphere of constructive cooperation in Copenhagen, so let’s save some pain now by following some simple guidelines and avoiding saying certain things.

Deforestation (image: World Bank)

The Nasca and us

Ancient civilisations usually don’t get wiped out by just one thing, but the Rapa Nui of Easter Island and the Nasca of Peru both appear to have been undone by deforestation. What factors drove the destruction of the Nasca, and what is different 1500 years on?