Alanna Shaikh (@alanna_shaikh) is a global health professional, development blogger, TED Fellow and active participant in online development fora – she also runs the International Development Careers List. In short, she’s a must-follow if you’re interested in international development.

Alanna has just written a short book, What’s Killing Us: A Practical Guide to Understanding Our Biggest Global Health Problems, available for Kindle and other e-readers. It’s an affordable, quick-to-read global health primer.

Using straightforward language, Alanna summarises the basics of each of a series of public health issues before detailing why we should worry about them, and what we can do. Solutions range from small actions achievable by individuals and communities to the wider changes needed in health policy, investments and technology. The book covers pandemic flu, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and a raft of tropical and chronic diseases but also identifies weak health care systems, climate change and the projected obsolescence of all antibiotics in ten years. Every single condition out there isn’t included, of course, but these are the issues that Alanna Shaikh suggests will be key factors in shaping global health over the next decade.

Globalisation, changes in the distribution of wealth, urbanisation and climate change mean that these health issues must now been assessed on a global scale. This book will be particularly useful to international studies students, professionals working in an international context and to those who want to be better informed donors, but also to anybody curious about health issues that stand to affect us all.

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